Coffee Tour


Volcán and rencimiento, coffee production area. Coffee the most excellent quality to compete in the world market occupying the top positions of cupping.


The tour of the coffee can be divided into two parts. The agricultural part which includes everything related to the cultivation and harvest of coffee. The industrial part which, in turn, is divided in the milling and roasting and grinding.


The milling process stages measuring, washing, unpulped lie the fruit, drying and grain selection. This process can be done separately and also contemplates the toasting and grinding.


You can do the tour of coffee at any time of the year. The harvest season extends from October to January.


Participate in a Sugar Cane Milling


Finca Suira, whose owner Don Rafael Suira, simple man who lives with his wife and children, dedicated both to prepare brown sugar or candy cane in organic form.


Participation in this agro tourism consists to spend a day with the family Suira participating in the activities of the production of panela.


With a review on the history of sugar cane, the development of the industry, the differences between the methods of production. The organic farming system. As cuts and prepares the torque Rod be processed and taking advantage of all of its parts to support the farm.


You can enjoy a delicious stew of hen's courtyard, accompanied with rice with Pigeon and coconut, proving the guarapo de Caña and the delights of honey and the rapadura.


Participate in Agricultural Works


The crops of vegetables and legumes in cerro punta are develop during the 365 days of the year. So you can participate in the activities that currently are developing within farms, whether planting, paying or harvesting.


Enjoy while performing a work envelope is developed the agricultural economy of the region and as live producers in the area.

Visit a Dairy Farm


In this region is the largest production area milk grade A in the country. Specialized livestock, which applies the most advanced technology for the development of production.


Specialized breeds.


Learn about nutrition, management and milking system and experience the sensation of hand milking.


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