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Enjoy pleasant days in peace and harmony with the environment.  Escape from everyday urban life and come to nature.  Change of environment and experience of a different kind of living.


Knowing Cerro Punta

(Three hours tour)


A walk from the hostel to Cerro Punta where tourists can find various points of interest.

  • Magnetic line: Lack of gravity or illusion? Mysterious phenomenon where the vehicle seems to defy the Earth's gravitational force.
  • Lava flow: Insert in time imagining as thousands of years ago Volcan Baru created a veritable river of lava that came down from the top and blinded rivers, streams, cliffs and gave the seat to the city of Volcano.
  • Chiriqui River: observe how water power modeling and claims originated in Bambito and New Switzerland through its passage through the town.
  • Agricultural frontier: a result, over time the use and possession of the land in this region located at an altitude of 2000 meters and supplier of legumes and vegetables consumed by the Republic of Panama.
  • Recognition of crops: a visual tour recognizing crops of potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage and all kinds of vegetables in the fertile Cerro Punta.
  • Origin and history of a people result of the conquest of two groups of settlers, foreigners and Panamanians, admire their crafts, plants, flowers and sip their jams and sweets.

Knowing Volcán

(Three hours tour)


History. Volcano is a town where the man set his sights for the conquest of Rio Sereno, Caizan and Cerro Punta. Know your history, mysteries and legends that link to the past and present of a place with spring weather the temperature in both the dry season and rainy ranges from 15Cº until 25Cº.

The heartbeat of Volcano today:

  • A town of 15,000 inhabitants with 18 different churches where most of its residents from other parts of the country and abroad.
  • Its commerce, banking, restaurants and tourist attractions.
  • The headwaters of the Rio Gariche natural phenomenon that reveals the strength of its creator, the Baru Volcano. Claim the power of its waters.
  • Lagunas de Volcán: ideal for bird watching site. Lacustrine wetland natural reservoir of migratory birds. Scenario legends of the Spanish conquest and indigenous civilization fighting for possession of gold.
  • Sitio Barriles: ideological theme park where you go back in history and travel in time for three different civilizations.


La Amistad International Park


La Amistad International Park (PILA), the largest remaining natural forest of Panama and Central America. Extensive biodiversity, shelter endangered species (tapir, ocelot, jaguar).


Volcan Barú National Park


The Volcan Barú National Park, scenic set of high ecological and geological value protecting biodiversity biological species unique to the area. Circle the highest peak in Panama (Volcan Baru 3,475 meters high).


Wetland Ponds Volcano


Site of international importance that is at the heart of the reserve of the biosphere La Amistad Panama.


Exploratory walks


Enjoy practical exploration into the forest either identifying animals or plants.


Path of Aguascalientes


6 hours walk from the thermal wells toaster oven until hot springs volcano, enjoying biodiversity. Birds, plants and checking their good physical condition.

Visit the Thermal Bath in Wells


Give your body a chance to release toxins naturally, with the therapeutic process by thermal waters at a temperature of 40 ° C. Tone your skin and your skin with mud baths.


Sendero los Quetzales


Live the exciting adventure of traveling in four hours this path and have the chance to see the Quetzal, one of the most colorful tropical birds in the world.




The highland region of Panama kept in their habitat 5% of the world's birds. Without being an expert and an expert guide you will see in two hours the number of birds that take any person in two years in the United States.


Ecological path

Cerro Punta-Boquete


8 kilometers separate Hill tip of block on a road accessible only on foot. Get this adventure in only 6 hours and enjoy the biodiversity of the Volcan Baru National Park.




Join the Coffee Tour, also in a Cane Grinding, Agricultural Work, visit a Farm Dairy and more.

Coffee Tour


Volcán and Renacimiento, coffee production area. Coffee the most excellent quality to compete in the world market occupying the top positions of cupping.


The tour of the coffee can be divided into two parts. The agricultural part which includes everything related to the cultivation and harvest of coffee. The industrial part which, in turn, is divided in the milling and roasting and grinding.


The milling process stages measuring, washing, unpulped lie the fruit, drying and grain selection. This process can be done separately and also contemplates the toasting and grinding.


You can do the tour of coffee at any time of the year. The harvest season extends from October to January.


Participate in a Sugar Cane Milling


Finca Suira, whose owner Don Rafael Suira, simple man who lives with his wife and children, dedicated both to prepare brown sugar or candy cane in organic form.


Participation in this agro tourism consists to spend a day with the family Suira participating in the activities of the production of panela.


With a review on the history of sugar cane, the development of the industry, the differences between the methods of production. The organic farming system. As cuts and prepares the torque Rod be processed and taking advantage of all of its parts to support the farm.


You can enjoy a delicious stew of hen's courtyard, accompanied with rice with Pigeon and coconut, proving the guarapo de Caña and the delights of honey and the rapadura.



Participate in Agricultural Works


The crops of vegetables and legumes in cerro punta are develop during the 365 days of the year. So you can participate in the activities that currently are developing within farms, whether planting, paying or harvesting.


Enjoy while performing a work envelope is developed the agricultural economy of the region and as live producers in the area.



Visit a Dairy Farm


In this region is the largest production area milk grade A in the country. Specialized livestock, which applies the most advanced technology for the development of production.


Specialized breeds.


Learn about nutrition, management and milking system and experience the sensation of hand milking.


Adventure Tours


Climbing the volcano Baru


Strenuous climb of 2 kilometers to the top of the volcano. You can get it according to their physical condition at 8 hours.


Enjoy an impromptu canope


Fly through the air and let their youth to surface.


Practice the descent on rope


Rally bike



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